Monday, March 22, 2010

Site Close Down CLEARANCE!

babes, we've decided to close down the site :(
but good news to you!
since we're clearing the stocks,
items will discounted close to the cost price..
*postage not included*

Item name: Blackie Kimono

previously RM49
RM 30
material: satin
free size

Item name: Top Shop Inspired Spag

previously rm39
RM 25
Material : Thick quality stretchable cotton
free size

Item name: Dual Tonned Dress

previously RM59
RM 35
Material: Thick Quality Satin
fit size uk4 to uk8

Item name: Knitted Candy Dress

previously rm49
RM 31
Material : Knitted Cotton (very stretchable)
free size
Available: maroon, purple and hot pink

Item name: Vintage Kimono
previosuly rm45
RM 32
Material : soft cotton
free size

Item name: Pretty Lily

previously RM39
Material : Cotton
Fits uk 6 to 10
(orange sold)
Available: white and black

Item name: Miss Dainty
previously RM 65
NOW RM40!!
Material : cotton , very fine stitches,
belt included..
Fits uk 4 to 8

Item name : Sweet Charlotte
previously RM42
NOW RM 29!!
Material : Cotton
fits uk4 to 10
(white and yellow sold out)
Availabe: sweet pink and turquois

Item name : Ruff Neck Dress
previously RM 45
NOW RM30!!
Material : Cotton
Fits size uk6 to 10

Item name : Red Cheq Bag

previously RM65
NOW RM 43!!
Can assure you the fine quality!!
(with poslaju only)

Item name : Dress Shirt

previously RM 62
Material : Quality Cotton
dream of wearing something comfy to work? ;)
fits size uk 6 to 12

Item name : Feminine Bow
previously RM42
NOW RM29!!!
Material : Quality non sheer Cotton
fits uk 6 to small 8
(left pink only)

Item name : Classy Maxi

Previously RM59
NOW RM40!!!
free size

Item name : Casual Tank Top
Previously RM35
NOW RM29!!
Material : Yellow - Thick stretchable cotton
Black - Sheer Stretchable cotton
fits size uk4 to 8

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